what does it mean to manifest

If you have been asking around or asking yourself what does it mean to manifest then read on to understand what it means. If you look around your surroundings, you really can see how your wants and desires how they have manifested for you.

So I think it is a powerful tool to really recognize that we do create the world that we want and we create our reality.

So my personal mantra is dream great dreams and make them come through and its not like you tell yourself   “I want a car of my dreams”  and boom you have it tomorrow morning in your garage.

It doesn’t really work that way but I think in a very simple way is that our thoughts and desires can come true, like our thoughts can really become things and they can become reality.

So you have to realize that what does it mean to manifest anything actually has to do with your thoughts so here is a story I want to share with you on what it takes or what it means to manifest.

“ last Saturday I had launch with one of my friend and she was telling me she really believes in the power of manifestation.

So she was also telling me also that her boyfriend doesn’t necessary believe in manifesting and one of her high level goals is to write for the new york times, well it’s a lofty goal and not an easy thing to achieve especially because she’s Canadian but you know what? It was a dream of her.

So a while back her boyfriend was doing some work here in New York and she asked him to bring her back some copies of the New York Times and she wanted to display it in her house and have it there to kind of help her make her dreams come true and I think the boyfriend thought that maybe she was going a little silly.

And she was shy and never told me about this because she didn’t know how am going to react but I told her that I deeply believe in the power of focus and manifestation and told her that my husband and I when we were applying for our green cards to move to the U.S we actually created an altar in our bedroom and we had a New York magazine and a little figure of the statue of liberty and some other little things that kind of help support our thoughts with the energy of moving to New York.

So before I knew it she announces that she has been finally accepted and she will be writing for the New York Times.

So I hope you enjoyed it and you finally understand what does it mean to manifest.

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