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Do you want to learn manifest magic money, do you want to be richer, healthier, or live a better life? Well, that is not a bad thing.

A lot of people are talking that you should not accumulate wealth, you should stay poor and that the rich people are evil.

That is not true, in fact you can build several multimillion dollar companies for yourself and also helping people improving their finances and having a better life.

And what I can tell you is that money makes you more of who you are already are, if you are a good person and you make a lot of money you will even be a better person.

If you are evil and you make a lot of money you will be more evil, it is that simple. But a lot of people have limiting beliefs when it comes to wealth. They have this core set of values that says accumulating a lot of money is greedy and its wrong

Thinking like this is really a bad thing because it means your stumping on other people making millions.

Manifesting  magic money like this is not inherently evil, it is what you do with it and how you go about it and the simplest way and easy way to manifest magic money is by adding a lot of value to other people.

It does not matter for who the value is added but just find a way to add a lot of value. Find a way to contribute more and you will get paid more.

Find a way to bring so much value that people cant help but to hand their cash to you because you have to understand that money is exchanged when the value they are giving the money for is more worth than the dollar amount that they are spending.

If your selling something, or if you’re working for a company, they are paying you a certain amount that to them your worth more than that and that is why they are willing to hand over that money because what they are paying you the “CASH” for is not worth as much than the value you are contributing.

If you are selling a product people will pay you when they realize that this product is worth more than the money I have In my digital bank account.

So how valuable we see things is actually how much we are willing to pay. So to make more money or able to manifest magic money you got to be able to make yourself seem more valuable.

You have to show up in a way people will want to pay you more. To manifest magic money is really of being of more value to other people and that is what people don’t want to understand about manifesting magic money.

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