manifest anything in 15 minutes

In other to manifest anything in 15 minutes or more you have to understand that there are laws that govern the universe and one of those laws that is deeply tied to the law of prosperity and to sufficiency to the fullness of what we are really actually living for is the Law Of Command.

For example in the bible a word was spoken โ€œ let there be light and it was so โ€œ that is the law of command, it helps you in a simple way on how to manifest anything in 15 minutes or so, So you see God who we are a reflection of spoke to the existence.

 each and every one of us got to clean up because we are really very lazy in our language, there is this story about a guy that walks to the doctors office and he says, โ€œ there is something wrong with my left arm โ€œ  and the doctor checked him out and did a bunch of things and came back and he said โ€œ Bro, there is nothing wrong with your arm โ€œ and instantly he remembered and got that in every few months he will say something like โ€œ I would give my left arm to have that kind of life โ€œ you will understand that he kept speaking into the existence and that is how that thing with his arm came into fruition.

So now the declaration to manifest anything in 15 minutes or more is to speak what you seek until you see what you said and for some of us going to the Gym to lift weights to clean up and get our bodies in shape; we work out our Abs and everything.

 when we do all this things we take care of ourselves and our body externally and the energy body is not being as attended to, the energy body is the thought that we think and the linguistic that we use literally on a daily basis not in the moment you are in front of people but the moment where nobody else is there.

How are you speaking about yourself, the world, your family, your relationship, your body, your God, how are you speaking about that because how you speak about that internally and externally is literally creating your reality.

So if you say why am I so fat, why am I so unlucky, why does it never work out for me, why am I not getting married, why am I so broke ?; So if you say all this things like that, that is how it is going to be.

But if you say, thank you God I have eyes to see, thank you I have ears to hear, thank you God, thank you universe.

So in that moment you are becoming the vibration frequency of something that is very potent and must repeat it self.

So the law of command says you speak what you seek until you see what you said. You need to speak into the existence to manifest anything in life, so your only prayer for everything from today should be yes and thank you and you will be surprised how things change for you.

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