how to manifest money

“How to manifest Money” and because money is an incredible source and a beautiful bountiful energy of this planet, but unfortunately the way our society is setup it is practically necessary to have money in other to live a self fulfilling life.

Definitely am not saying you can’t live a fulfilling life without money, I think we will understand that having it makes life easier some times and most of us will rather have it than not having it.

In this guide of how to manifest money, you will now understand that unfortunately most of us are thinking about it or trying to manifest it in the wrong way.

So I definitely want to clear the air about how to manifest money and show you some fundamental ideas about money and you can start manifesting it and it will come to  us all the time.


Our issues with money or how to manifest money started way back before we graced the planet earth with our presence, the idea to have money and the presence or lack of money is being passed down through our family and it is about watching our parents talk about money or our guidance.

What we experience on the issue of money while growing up will dictate how we feel about it, how we think about it, and how we are able to acquire it or our ability not to be able to keep it. this all comes from our childhood and it affects the way we interact with money for the rest of our lives except until we notice and start inserting more new productive beliefs.

So the first thing you need to know about money and how to treat it right is to know that it is energy just like a person, just like anything you want to attract or manifest in this world, so you need to start thinking about the way that you treat money.

Imagine money is a person, if you treat money the same way you treat a person, would they want to be in your life? When your demanding of it, when your crying for it, when your cursing it, where you don’t know were it is, when your crying for it, when your cursing it? When you are judging people who have it, when your noticing the lack of it, and also when you say it doesn’t matter and doesn’t bring happiness, all of this things money hears you, it has ears.

So make sure you’re treating money like the way you will treat a person.

When you change your view about money, you will start asking money what you can do for it, like “Money what do you want?”, “what can I do for you”?.


Yeah I understand when you ask money what you can do for it, you will normally not get an answer but it will help create a better relationship with money because you care about it and will also want you to have fun with it, so when you focus on it and think about all the wonderful things it helps you do and you ask in appreciation what you can do for it, it appreciates you also i.e it grows, it feels good and you also feel good and start having good feelings about money.

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